Thomas Swift

With a background in corporate development, Tom helps provide quantitative reasoning and problem-solving capabilities to substantiate large-scale restoration projects in environmental finance markets.

Mitchell Dudley

Mitchell brings knowledge in conservation and bushland management, contract expertise, data management and GIS to his role. He has extensive experience liaising between Canopy, Greening Australia and landowners, assisting to develop biodiverse revegetation projects on a national scale.

Michael Vyse

Michael works at the interface of all Greening Australia teams to translate good ideas into fundable Nature-Based Solutions that are impact led and can be practically delivered. He has two decades of experience with delivery landscape restoration projects in both the not-for-profit and government sectors, and holds qualifications in Landscape Management and Conservation.

Adin Lang

Adin is a community-minded business management professional with significant experience across the environmental sector, natural resources sector, as well as local government. As Manager – Commercial Development for Greening Australia and Canopy, he develops strong client and stakeholder relationships to secure investment into our science-led nature-based solutions.

Betha Westall

Betha works in commercial development for Greening Australia and Canopy to secure investment into our science-led, biodiverse carbon projects and nature-based solutions products. She looks after carbon credit sales for Canopy and third-party projects, assessment of new origination opportunities and development of new environmental markets products for clients.

Liam Crook

Liam has over 10 years of experience in ecological regeneration, carbon project development and organisational decarbonisation. Liam leads the development of nature-based carbon projects across Australia that restore biodiversity and ecosystem function in partnership with Traditional Owners and rural communities.

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