The Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct is a voluntary and industry-led Code that promotes market integrity, consumer protection and appropriate interaction with carbon project stakeholders, including Native Title Holders, representative bodies, land managers and project owners.

Stakeholders engaging with a Signatory to the Code know that Signatories are committed to best practice business practices and have a commitment to the integrity, reputation and growth of the carbon industry in Australia. They also know that commitment to the Code provides a transparent and accountable pathway to managing issues that may arise in the market, and helps to provide further assurance and integrity to the Australian carbon industry and its reputation as it grows and matures.

As Signatories to the Code, Canopy are demonstrating we are committed to developing and conducting our business in line with industry best practice and interacting with our clients and other stakeholders in a professional and ethical manner.

If you would like to provide any feedback or you feel Canopy is in breach of our obligations under the Code of Conduct, please send an email outlining the nature of your complaint to [email protected]. Details of our complaints handling procedure can be found here.

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