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Canopy produces and sells a wide range of nature-based environmental credits to facilitate action on climate change, biodiversity loss and water quality.

Why buy from Canopy?

Canopy is a for-purpose company that reinvests any profits back into Greening Australia’s biodiverse environmental restoration projects.

We sell only high integrity nature-based ACCUs (Australian Carbon Credit Units) and international units verified under carbon standards that are fully compliant with the Australian Climate Active (carbon neutral) standard.

As a signatory to the voluntary Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct, we are committed to meeting best practice requirements for transparency, accountability, environmental and social integrity, compliance and community trust.

While every ACCU produced represents one tonne of carbon dioxide removed from or avoided entering the atmosphere, not all ACCUs are equal.

Nature-based ACCUs are generated by capturing carbon or avoiding emissions through vegetation and land management methods approved by the Clean Energy Regulator, such as farm forestry, blue carbon and soil carbon methods.

The only such method that requires carbon to be sequestered by planting a mix of locally native tree and shrub species on previously cleared land is the ‘reforestation by environmental or mallee plantings’ method. Canopy specialises in producing credits through environmental planting projects.

Even though environmental planting projects require significant upfront capital to fund implementation, there are willing investors. The ACCUs generated are considered a high-quality product with clear additionality, so they are highly sought after on the voluntary market and trade at a premium price.

Canopy specialise in selling high integrity nature-based ACCUs and international units.

We have high confidence in the integrity of ACCUs from our environmental planting projects delivered together with Greening Australia, because these are biodiverse projects that go well beyond ticking a box for ‘a representative mix of native species’.

With input from Greening Australia’s inhouse experts, we frequently plant a higher species diversity and at a higher stem density than required, depending on the structure and composition of the vegetation communities we’re looking to recreate. As an illustration, the generic calibration for the Full Carbon Accounting Model (FullCAM) is based on 200 stems per hectare – some of our projects have been planted at over 3,000 stems per hectare.

When it comes to selling third-party nature-based credits, we undertake a rigorous due diligence process to verify the environmental and social co-benefits of projects, in order to create tailored portfolios of high confidence environmental credits.

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