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Canopy is a nature-based solutions business that produces high quality environmental credits to facilitate action on climate change, biodiversity loss and water quality.

As a company of Greening Australia, we specialise in tailored, science-led projects that restore Australian ecosystems and benefit communities and economies - helping build a more resilient, biodiverse and sustainable world.

What we do

Why choose us

We help along the way

We make environmental credits easy for you by avoiding scientific jargon, explaining as we go, and offering end-to-end solutions that go beyond carbon.

True restoration

Our projects are high quality because they are designed to generate tangible co-benefits. We have rigorous standards when it comes to restoring Australian landscapes.

40 years of experience

We’re a company of Greening Australia - an environmental enterprise that’s spent 40 years on large-scale reforestation and ecosystem restoration programs.

Beyond carbon

Creating a nature-positive future for our world is about more than carbon credits - it's about reversing nature loss. We work in all emerging environmental credit markets.

Tackle the impacts of climate change