Meet our new record-breaking carbon project for 2023


Nature-based solutions business Canopy and its parent company Greening Australia have responded to rising demand for high-integrity carbon projects from corporate Australia with a native reforestation carbon aggregation, which will see over 2.26 million diverse native plants established across 1,228 hectares in 2023 – that’s almost three times the size of Melbourne’s CBD. The project,…

Learn what ‘nature positive’ means and why it is important

A man in the centre with outstretched arms addresses a crowd of people. Visible in the foreground are buckets full of seedlings ready to be planted.

The term ‘nature positive’ describes stopping biodiversity loss and restoring nature to pre-2020 levels by 2030 – with an aim for full and ongoing ecosystem recovery by 2050. What is Nature Positive? We currently live in what could be described as a nature-negative world – where human activity is driving an unprecedented decline and loss…

Blue Carbon: what it is, and its true potential

An aerial view of a wetland fringed by melaleucas, with water lilies and birds visible.

Blue carbon refers to carbon stored by coastal and marine ecosystems, mostly through plant growth and by accumulating and burying organic matter so it can’t decompose and release carbon dioxide. Where do we find blue carbon? Some examples of blue carbon ecosystems are mangroves, saltmarshes, supratidal forests and seagrass meadows. There’s increasing interest worldwide in…

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