The Morella Project in South Australia involves reforestation and restoration of 1,000 hectares of native vegetation and wildlife habitat, including large areas of wetlands and woodlands. 

The project area stretches across four sites including public conservation parks and private land holdings, extending from the shores of the Coorong National Park to South Australia’s Murray Mallee. Canopy (then called Biodiverse Carbon) registered the project in 2015 (ERF101606).

As well as removing thousands of tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year, the project provides meaningful co-benefits to landholders, biodiversity and water quality. Landholders share in a percentage of the revenue from carbon credits created from the project, providing a financial return for hosting the trees.

The reforestation project provides important connectivity between the Coorong National Park and the Messent Conservation Park, restoring habitat for threatened species such as the Malleefowl and migratory shorebirds. Long term monitoring of the site includes annual field visits and surveys and trials of innovative remote sensing techniques including drones and satellite imagery.

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