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Offset your emissions

Canopy tree-based offsets are suitable for all purposes. They are government-certified with the added benefit of local outcomes for the environment and community. Many organisations offset voluntarily through our biodiverse plantings in Australia. See our case studies for some examples.

Canopy's ambition to secure thousands of hectares of land has been fulfilled by a Greening Australia joint venture, Biodiverse Carbon Conservation. Growth is monitored regularly, as are the flora and fauna that benefit from the enhanced habitat.

When you purchase tree-based offsets from Canopy it is not possible to link your offsets to any particular area of planting. The offsets you purchase represent a portion of the overall amount of carbon dioxide that will be sequestered on your behalf by all the trees and shrubs growing on many properties across southern Australia.

We can also source overseas National Carbon Offset Standard offsets from developing countries.

New carbon plantings
New carbon plantings