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SA Water

SA Water's Mt Bold Reservoir
SA Water's Mt Bold Reservoir

Canopy has conducted on-ground studies as well as desktop reviews on over 6.000 trees for SA Water across four of their reservoir reserves in the Mount Lofty Ranges. The work involved planting as well as assessments of both remnant old growth woodland and revegetation projects up to 30 years old.

SA Water commissioned Canopy to make assessments of the carbon sequestered on their sites in order to ensure that the values SA Water reported under their carbon offsets program were as accurate as practicable.

Little data is openly accessible on the carbon biosequestration potential of native vegetation in Australia and Canopy has access to the best there is.

A proper assessment can provide an estimate (with a reasonable degree of accuracy) of the carbon that will accrue on current and future vegetation projects both incrementally and upon maturity.

This data meets a level of confidence that is acceptable to the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency for carbon accounting purposes.

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