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The Land Management Corporation

The Land Management Corporation asked Canopy to confirm the level of carbon reductions likely to be achieved by the Lochiel Park urban development. We were to look at the embodied energy in the buildings, the likely transport-based emissions and the probable energy use of the various houses that would come to be built at Lochiel Park.

Lochiel Park urban forest and gardens
Lochiel Park urban forest and gardens

We were asked to consider how much CO2 the 80,000 plants and trees on the development sequestered and what the likely contribution of the Lochiel Park Urban Forest and gardens would be towards offsetting the emissions at Lochiel Park.

We advised the Land Management Corporation on the extent of offsite capacity required for the Lochiel Park project to achieve carbon neutrality including likely locations for carbon sinks.

It is exciting to be involved from the ground up with the greenest housing development in Adelaide - we hope that it will be a template for the future of urban planning.