Helping you move to a responsible carbon future

Who is Canopy?

Canopy is your one stop shop for expertise in carbon management, vegetation management and policy advice. We excel at developing innovative solutions that benefit your business as well as having environmental and community outcomes.

Leonard Cohen - Founder of Canopy
Leonard Cohen - Founder of Canopy

Canopy is the trading name of Australian Carbon Biosequestration Initiative Ltd (ACBI), a wholly owned subsidiary of Greening Australia Limited. It originated in 2001 as a group of like-minded people under the name of the Big Green Umbrella Project. Canopy reflects our original name and describes our goal to provide a canopy for rural Australia.

Canopy was among the first to develop environmental offset programs in Australia and to work with Government on the Carbon Farming Initiative. We have taught Indigenous people, farmers, natural resource managers, corporates and councils.

We have trusted relationships with some of Australia’s leading carbon researchers, including the CSIRO, as well as an alliance with respected NGO Greening Australia who perform measurement, monitoring and planting services for us.

We believe in finding cost-effective ways to reduce emissions that benefit your bottom line.

We support the permanent planting of local provenance indigenous trees funded through carbon biosequestration. We seek to inform and also to provide benefits for biodiversity, salinity control and farming.

We are not profit-driven. Our not-for-profit status is suitable for business and corporate community service objectives.

Our services are conducted in accordance with accepted carbon standards and protocols.

We are governed by a Board of Directors. Elected trustees administer the Big Green Umbrella Public Fund to which tax-deductible donations are made.